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Traxion Step treads are perfect for outdoor stairs that require increased traction in wet or icy environments. These premium outdoor stair treads are constructed of a durable molded engineered polypropylene design that consists of open slats and aggressive non-slip texture, along with a series of structural ribs and gussets for added strength and durability. The treads are easily installed in wood or concrete steps. Each tread can be combined with 6 inserts to provide additional grip in winter conditions like snow and ice. Additional inserts can be added in safety yellow to increase visibility and safety. Traxion makes no claims to prevent falls.

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Traxion Features

Traxion Stair Treads Require No Maintenance!

Maintenance Free

Our winter inserts add a greater surface area to the tread for snow and ice. Inserts are sold separately.

Winter Inserts (Sold Separately)

With a non-slip surface that's also easy on your feet, Traxion is surprisingly barefoot friendly!

Barefoot Friendly

Traxion Outdoor Safety Treads Stand Up To The Sun! Our products are highly UV resistant.

High UV Protection

Built with a tough and rugged design, these non-slip stair treads by Traxion are designed for outdoor applications.


Using our product is easy. Traxion installation does not require any adhesive!

Easy to Install

Traxion Products

Step Treads


Traxion Step treads are constructed of a durable molded engineered polypropylene design that consists of open slates and aggressive non-slip texture along with a series of structural ribs and gussets for added strength and durability. Traxion is the first and only all-weather, barefoot-friendly outdoor stair tread. Hardware included. Shipping NOW! Simply select your color and order quantity below. There are 4 treads per box, so order accordingly based on your total number of stairs. Dimensions per tread: 34″ x 9.5″ x 1.5″

Additional information

Dimensions 34 × 9.5 × 1.5 cm

Gray, Tan

Get Your
Step Treads for all climates

Traxion Blog

FAQ About Traxion

What is the Best Material for Outdoor Stairs?

Wondering what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping? That very question came up when one of our family members was injured falling down a set of stairs at our lake house, and it inspired years of research to develop the best outdoor stair tread on the market. Traxion treads are built with a highly UV resistant material that’s designed specifically for your outdoor steps.

Still wondering what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping?

Choose Traxion! We even have optional winter inserts designed specially to help out in snow and icy conditions.

Traxion Versus Non-Slip Rubber Outdoor Stair Treads

What makes Traxion better than rubber stair treads for most outdoor applications?

There are many products to choose from when it comes to stair safety. While rubber stair treads are a simple solution, many applications require more grip than you can get from rubber or vinyl stair treads. Another thing to consider in certain outdoor applications is the barefoot friendliness of our design.

Most rubber treads are made from natural and synthetic rubber which is made from oil and carbon black filler. This makes them heat-up to dangerously high temperatures in the sun that can burn your feet or skin. Traxion treads are barefoot friendly and are made in cool temperature colors like light tan and cool gray. The superior design is constructed of long slats that help with heat-dissipation and cools quickly in the hottest of temperatures.

Because of the design of our product, there’s also no need to use adhesive which makes for a more permanent solution for your slippery stairs.

Where Can I Buy Traxion Outdoor Stair Treads?

Currently, our website is the only place you can purchase our outdoor non-slip stair treads and other products outside of Alabama. Traxion stair treads are available in all Russell Building Supply stores throughout the state.

We’re currently working to add our product to Amazon and other retailers, so check back for updates or visit our storefront to order now.

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