How to Make Stairs Less Slippery for Dogs

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Blog, Pet Safety

No dog owner wants their pet to have a nasty accident due to a slippery stair or slippery flight of stairs. The good news is there are ways to make your stairs less slippery for dogs. The top ways are listed below:


1. Take Your Dog To The Vet

First you need to keep in mind that it may not be the stairs at all, especially if you’re not noticing any slippery spots. Dogs and other pets that have trouble going up and down stairs might have a medical issue. This is why you should consider bringing your pet to the veterinarian if you notice your dog is slipping frequently. Some conditions such as joint problems, arthritis and damaged nerves can make it difficult for dogs to use stairs.

Also, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your pet as they use the stairs. If you notice anything unusual, such as limping, then bring them to the vet. If the vet rules out a medical problem, then don’t worry because there are other things you can do.

2. Keep Nails Short

An easy way to prevent your dog from slipping on a stair is to trim their nails whenever necessary. Keeping dogs nails short will reduce the risk, because long nails can get caught as they go up or down stairs. For example, if you have uneven cement steps or wooden stairs, then your pet’s nail could catch. Not only that, but the longer their nails are, the more likely they’ll slip due to their nails being wet. Just keep in mind that care must be taken to avoid injuring your pet. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, this might be yet another case where a vet visit or a trip to the dog groomer is in order.

3. Install A Stair Ramp

This option could prove to be price prohibitive, but you can install a stair ramp to help them out. If your dog only has a small number of steps to go up and down, then a ramp is an excellent option. Also, ramps are very easy to install and come in an array of styles and designs, so finding the ideal ramp for your pet shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Stair Treads

If you don’t like the idea of installing a ramp, you can also get treads for stairs. Stair treads are unique and they offer an array of benefits like being helpful in all weather conditions. This means your dog will have an easy time gripping onto the stairs. It doesn’t matter what types of stairs your home has, treads are usually suitable for them.

Another reason you’ll like stair treads is because they work excellent for ice and water. If it rains out, dogs can still go up stairs with ease. If it’s icy out, you won’t have to worry about the stairs icing over as much, and your dog will have less issues maintaining a solid grip to go down/up the stairs. Stair treads made by Traxion have the added benefit of being simple to install and they come with optional snow/ice inserts for extra grip:

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Let’s not forget to mention that stair treads are durable. In fact, Traxion Step Treads have been created with polypropylene, and it features a number of gussets and ribs, which provides additional durability and strength.

Finally, if your home has concrete or wood stairs, then even better. You can install treads right over them. If necessary, you can easily remove them in no-time for cleaning and staining.

5. Dog Lift

Does your dog only have a stair or two to go up? To make it easy on your larger dog, you can use a dog lift. The way it works is you place the hind legs through the lift, which resembles a harness. It allows you to assist them up stairs and limit the stress on their joints. For smaller dogs, you can simply get a carrier that may look more like a gym bag or backpack than a pet carrier. Looks like our friend below is more than happy to hitch a ride!

A dog lift is the perfect option if your dog suffers with joint problems or hip problems. When dogs have these issues, then going up and down stairs to enter the home can hurt. A lift relieves the pain because the owner uses it to aid the dog up/down the stairs. In short, dogs don’t place as much pressure on their hind legs as they would if they weren’t using the lift.

Here’s another tip, install a stair tread and use a dog lift. If your dog suffers with medical problems, then combining a dog lift product and a stair tread is a good idea, as their lives will become so much easier. You’ll also be safer from slips and falls yourself as you help your pet navigate the stairs.

6. Improve Visibility For Your Dog

Dogs have good eyesight, but when it’s pitched dark out going up or down just one stair can increase the chances of them slipping and hurting themselves. If you let your pet out at night, then make sure each stair can clearly be seen by your pet. One of the best ways to increase visibility is by putting bright pieces of duct-tape on each stair.

Another way to increase visibility is to simply leave the lights on while your dog is outside. If this isn’t an option, then shine a flashlight on the stairs when the time comes for your dog to go out or to come back in, or consider investing in some solar landscaping lights.

7. Toe Grips

There are toe grips that go right on the toenails. Once the toe grips are set in place, your dog will have better traction when using stairs. Plus they’re fun for pet owners too…With many styles available to choose from, your pet will look like they just got their nails done at the salon!

The only downside is toe grips can fall out as time goes by. Plus, they can get a bit annoying because you’ll constantly have to replace them when they become worn down. However, they are still good at preventing dogs from slipping on stairs, but make sure you invest in quality grips if you decide to give them a try.

8. Trim Your Dog’s Foot Pads

Does your dog have long or fuzzy foot pads? If so, they can trip on it as they use the stairs. To reduce the chances of your dog slipping, keep the area around their foot pads neatly trimmed.

Those are the top ways to make stairs less slippery for your dog. However, we think the stair tread product from Traxion is the best option. Using a specially designed tread over stairs is the most effective way to make a stair, a handful of stairs or many stairs easier to use for any dog. Our product is also great for keeping humans safe on slippery stairs in areas where it snows or rains a lot. Visit our homepage to learn more about how Traxion can help you and your pets get a grip!