Should I Replace Or Repair My Deck

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Blog

Your deck is a place that you should want to hang out and spend time on during the beautiful summer and fall months. This is not possible if every time you walk out there you get a splinter or stub your toe on a piece of wood. This begs the question should you replace or repair your deck so that you spend on your deck.

Check Your Decks Foundation

The first step you have to take is checking your foundation to make sure that it is stable and secure. If you have a frame that was built 5-10 years ago hopefully there is no need to redo your whole structure unless you want a completely new deck design. Meanwhile if you step on your deck and you can feel it moving and it is not sturdy you will have to build a new frame. Once you have checked the foundation that is when you will be able to decide if you need a whole new deck or it only needs some repairs.

Repair Your Deck Boards

If you know that you have a solid foundation, you will have the option to repair your deck by just placing new boards. This will be a much cheaper option than tearing down your current deck and rebuilding it. Once you decide to do this you have a lot of freedom in picking your new decking material. The most popular decking would be pressure treated woods but there are many other options like vinyl or composite decking.

The thing you need to be careful with when repairing your deck boards is the weight of the new boards. If you want composite decking this could be nearly double the price of your current decking boards. This is why you need to have a professional come and inspect your deck before you make your final decision.

Replacing Your Whole Deck

Once you have your deck properly inspected you may have to replace your whole deck. If you do this will be much more costly but it should be an investment that lasts you a long time. Be sure that you have professionals that you trust to come out and do a good job when building your new deck. This will ensure that it is going to be a stable foundation for a long time and all you will ever have to replace are the deck boards.

Repairing or replacing your deck is a great idea because once it is done you will love spending time out there. This will become the perfect place to grill out or sit out by the fire on a cool fall evening. When your deck is finished the one thing you are missing is your Traxion Treads, the world’s first and only step treads for all weather conditions. Traxion will keep you safe from slipping no matter the weather outside. Buy your treads today!